From a linear supply chain to a circular value chain

Producers and retailers can enrich their products with a wide variety of information through three modules. This can range from information about the origins to the production method, variety, fertilization, harvest date, the remuneration of the involved workers, make-up, transport time and CO2 emissions, social initiatives, price break-down, the amount of time the products have been on the shelf, the nutritional value, food safety, recipes and how the packaging is recycled.
The links in between can see where they can collaborate with respect to purchasing and transport. Consumers can in turn share their ideas for product innovation directly with the growers and make their contribution towards reducing the mountain of waste by sharing information about (the preferred) use. Each chain partner sets the level of transparency. Each piece of information added helps close the chain.


Cultivation module

agriMORE’s cultivation module enables growers, sales organisations and their advisers to maintain cultivation models themselves. Modifications and growing insights gained from day-to-day practice are consequently available online immediately. This also means that the client retains ownership of the cultivation models.

Chain module

agriMORE has developed a chain management module that can trace products throughout the entire chain from producer to consumer and provide insight into the matters to which products are exposed in the chain. This knowledge is beneficial in numerous ways, including contributing to ensuring optimum quality at the point of sale. The module makes it possible, for example, to determine the optimum sales moment for a carton of strawberries.

Matching module

The agriMORE matching module enables alignment of the supply and demand of (combined) product chains. Both supply-driven and demand-driven operations are possible, with all the related price formation mechanisms (contract, higher bid, Dutch auction, reverse auction, …). This innovation contributes to new retail concepts because consumers come into direct contact with producers via the retailer.


All our modules can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones!


Offering agriMORE as a cloud service means there are virtually no downtime and performance risks. The scalability of the cloud services is a key advantage, with both peaks in use and growth scenarios being supported effortlessly. Thanks to CloudCompute Gold from CSC, agriMORE is also assured of always having access to the latest security technologies.
agriMORE’s software is hosted in the CSC datacenter in Amsterdam. The software is used through licenses. The advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) is that innovations can be realised quickly and that updates to applications are available instantly to all the platform users.
The decision to use SaaS is based on the premise that high investment costs in advance could hinder the business model of users.
agriMORE is a service-oriented architecture. This means the functionalities can be added to the platform at any time without this affecting the existing applications. Applications can also be offered on a selective basis.

A safe, scalable, innovative and proven cloud solution with no downtime and performance risks.

Passes on the advantages of the cloud through pay per use.

Supports all price mechanisms and enables reserve auctions.

Facilitates just-in-time delivery, which even enhances the quality of the products.