The Chain Never Stops, brings together the functionality of agriMORE, with focus on fresh produce chains, recycleMORE with focus on waste management and recycling / secondary raw materials and shoppingMORE with the focus on the consumer end. With The Chain Never Stops platform, a chain director can manage the enterprise transcending business processes that are applicable to his business, supply & demand chains. Of course this can equally be applied to business unit transcending processes within large corporates.
With its global partner DXC, fully automated back office system integration is offered, if so desired.
The functionality offered is to a large extent generic and can be applied to other industries as well.

Our Prezi ‘The Chain Never Stops’, was developed with Mr. Prezident. The Prezi about agriMORE, explaining the concept behind agriMORE, was also developed by Mr. Prezident, and awarded Best Overall Design 2014 in the annual international Prezi Award competition in 2014. More..