agriMORE’s ambition is to build on its proven success in the Dutch market by expanding into Europe and Asia without becoming a market player itself. Once this objective has been achieved, our objective will be to facilitate other food chains, such as dairy and meat, and ultimately also non-food chains.

The ideal situation: All circular networks use AgriMORE services as their foundation. The chain never stops.

The following cases show how The Greenery applies agriMORE in practice. We look forward to working with you to develop the next inspiring case.



The Greenery

The Greenery won the 2009 innovation award from DLV Plant, LTO Groeiservice en ZLTO with agriMORE’s tailor made harvest prognosis module, which offers both scheduling for the sales organisation and personnel planning. In June 2014, CSC and agriMORE were presented with the EuroCloud Nederland Award for The Greenery’s strawberry case. The jury applauded the concept as: ‘A very innovative concept with a clear link to the Netherlands.’


The Greenery has been working with agriMORE’s cultivation application since 2008. This application has been developed in such a way that The Greenery can maintain its cultivation models itself through Excel uploads and as a result is not dependent on agriMORE.
The cultivation application has now been expanded to include Inventory Planning, which safeguards the traceability to the harvest lot. This is the most complex component of fresh produce traceability.


The Greenery has been able to refine its cultivation model empirically so that harvest prognoses are now very accurate and can be used by sales. Data exchange with packaging lines is possible from the Inventory Planning. It is then possible to extend this to the entire chain using agriMORE’s chain module.

Pharmaceutical companies on the look-out for an online platform to facilitate development of new services to distinguish themselves in the market such as traceability and usage of medicines right from production to patient.

Waste processing companies looking for an online platform that allows them to develop new services for their customers to differentiate themselves in the market such as traceability of waste streams to the actual re-use of raw materials from waste.